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Konad USA


Instructional Demo Video


Applying Top Coat

* Apply top coat quickly and slightly just once dividing into 2 or 3 parts. (Do not dab or repeat!)


Clean Stamp, Scraper, and Image Plate with nail polish remover.


Multi Color Application
Try different colors with different designs!
French Nail Application



Cutlicle oil, Nipper, Wood or Acrylic Stick.
1. Apply Cuticle Oil to skin around nails.
2. Massage into skin.
3. Using the wood/acrylic stick, push cuticle down to expose the nail moon.
4. Trim cuticle edges carefully with the nipper.


1. Apply a dab of top coat to the desired point on your nail.
2. Dip the wood/acrylic stick into the top coat brush.
3. Pick the rhinestone up witht the tip of the stick.
4. Apply to the desired point on your nail.
5. Finish with a top coat for best results.



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